Special Olympics

No other organised event in the world has the emotional and social impact of the Special Olympics World Games. Abu Dhabi will be hosting the 9th MENA games in 2018 followed by the Special Olympics World Games in 2019. In keeping with its national values, the UAE’s capital – Abu Dhabi – intends to stage the most unified World Games in the history of the Special Olympics. With its diverse population and a tradition of warm hospitality, the people of Abu Dhabi demonstrate, every day, the spirit at the heart of the Special Olympics.

All About Brands was commissioned to create linked identities for both the Regional and World Games. Both concepts were inspired by traditional Khoos weaving and are a metaphor for the unifying power of the games and demonstrate the spirit of inclusion and unity that will permeate every aspect of the Games.

The Regional Games and World Games identities use the same elements and typography in order to build excitement and awareness of the Special Olympics, locally and regionally over the next two years.

We created comprehensive brand guidelines for both events covering every application required to promote and run these huge sporting occasions.