All About Brands was appointed by the Camstoll Group to bring its finance intelligence service company to life by developing a name, brand identity, brand strategy and website creation.

Following an intensive, in-depth research period, the resulting brand framework was formalised with brand personality, brand essence, mission, vision and core messages defined.

Hand-drawn and completely unique, the logo is the graphic representation of the company, conveying stature, quality and data intelligence, combining the two most important visual elements, the Kharon node symbol and the Kharon word mark.

The name Kharon was derived from two meanings: a forgotten hero in Ancient Greek mythology “Charon”, and the name of Pluto’s largest moon, “Kharon”. The name is metaphorically associated with both Charons' unique ability to navigate treacherous waters and the powerful equilibrium between Pluto and its moon, associating it to relationships of trust, strength and partnership.

The brand elements came together to form an engaging website, which All About Brands managed and developed from start to finish.