We were commissioned to create a new brand for ADQ, an investment management company created by the Abu Dhabi Government to help diversify the Abu Dhabi economy in the non-oil sectors.

With a portfolio of more than 25 companies operating in 11 different sectors, ADQ’s mandate is to drive sustainable revenues and maximise performance and value from its diverse portfolio of assets.

All About Brands worked closely with the client to establish a brand framework, involving a series of one to one interviews with executive management and comprehensive desktop research.

Built around the acronym ADQ (short for Abu Dhabi Qabida, Qabida is the Arabic word for ‘holding’), we developed and refined the brand identity to represent the right balance between the company’s commercial aspirations with its socio-economic vision. We developed comprehensive brand guidelines to cover all iterations of the brand giving it prominence in the marketplace.

The resulting brand has just the right balance of sophistication, dynamism and gravitas, perfect for a company that forms such a vital part of the Abu Dhabi economy.